Thursday, December 29, 2011

Week 65 - Senzokuike, Japan

Merry Christmas!
This one is going to be a short one, since I just talked to you this morning! It was so good to talk to you! So strange seeing everyone. You all look so different, but I guess that is what happens after a year and a half! Basically I just wanted to say Merry Christmas again! and send you a few pictures.
 The first is of my new companion Sister Barbour and I. She's from Sacramento CA.
Sister Mano and I in Tokyo Tower. We decided it was our official Christmas Card picture. It says Merry Christmas in Tokyo Tower. I love Japanese English.

our Christmas dinner last night with the Shichijo Family. Which was a lot of fun!

Love you all! Have a good week!
Sister Erin Benne

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 64 - Senzokuike, Japan

Well Hello Fabulous Family!
How's life? It sounds like everyone at this point is getting ready to head back to the Benne Family House at some point this week! Too fun!
Mom and Dad, I got your package! Thank you! Sister Mano and I had fun decorating the tree and the nativity's will be put to good use somehow for Eikaiwa! Thanks, my curiosity is peaked however on what is in the very smashable wrapped package. Alas, I shall wait until Christmas!

Are you even having church on Sunday? Here both are just an hour. That's going to be weird, I'm used to being at church from 8:30am straight until 5pm with both wards. No plans for what we're doing yet though...most likely it will be normal missionary work here.

As for transfers, well,  you might have been able to guess as to where I still am at. Haha, yup, I'm still in good old Senzokuike! It just goes to show you how unpredictable some transfers can be. It's good though, I'm excited to stay! Sister Mano did head up to Kofu though. One of the biggest areas in our mission and completely country. I've always wanted to head out that way, but really I've stayed in the city for the most part. She was excited though and a little nervous, especially after all the members said "It's so cold there!" when she told them where she was going (She's right next to Mt. Fuji).
Anyway as for my new companion, still not decided. I'm training again, so i'll find out on Wednesday, you can meet her through skype on Monday though! I'm with Gantumur Shimai for a few days until our new companions come. Do you remember Gantumur Shimai? She's from Mongolia, and we were in the MTC and Kichijoji together, so it's a lot of fun. And crazy to see how much the two of us have grown and actually know what we are doing since those first days. I don't even want to think about it! Haha!
Anyway LOVE YOU and MISSIONARY WORK LOTS!!! Can't wait to talk to you!
Sister Erin Benne

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 63 - Senzokuike, Japan

Speaking of Christmas, can you believe it, it's that time of year that I get to call home! Because transfers are this week, and I can basically tell you I am transferring from what President Albrecht told Sister Mano and I at interviews.
Highlights of this week: going to a Potential Investigators house for a lesson and instead getting a lesson from her on Japanese tea ceremony (which involves tea we're not allowed to drink). It was really cool, and we got to testify about the Word of Wisdom, but needless to say, she didn't become an investigator.

This week is our Mission Christmas Party! I'm so excited!
Sorry for this being so short!
Love you all!
Sister Erin Benne

Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 62, Senzokuike, Japan

It's December and Christmas is in the air! Yay! I love Christmas! Christmas is not nearly as big here, but you still do see lights up in some places and stores are all set up for shopping. Along with singing Christmas songs in church, you get a Christmas feel! It's the best. We have fun talking to people on the streets asking them why we celebrate Christmas (they're all Buddhist, but still all go to Christmas Parties) and very few actually know. So it's a really fun way to teach about Christ, it's something they like and know, but just don't know the point of.
This year, we, as a mission have been working on a goal to bring 300 people unto Christ through baptism. Last year, we had just over 200 people get baptized. We met our goal then, and this year we wanted something that would make us stretch. With the earthquake, we took a big hit. We had been doing so good, but since then we've never been able to make it quite back up to where we were before. With a month left though, something really cool is happening in our mission. We've realized to make our goal we need a miracle. But miracles still exist today, so we know it's possible. Every missionary in the Japan Tokyo Mission is making one final big push. Every ward in the mission has a baptismal service planned for the 25th. Here in Senzokuike we don't have anyone set for baptism yet, but like the lamb sent to Abraham, the Lord will provide. I'm excited to see the hand of Lord taking shape as miracle upon miracle continue to be shown forth.
This week marks my 1 year in Japan. Strange to think it's been that long. How far I've come. Those first few weeks in the field, as I'm sure for any missionary were rough. I'm so grateful that God strengthens and trusts those that are weak. This is a work that without Him you cannot do and I would not even attempt to do. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways highter than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9
I love you all!
Have a great week!
Love Sister Erin Benne