Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 35 - Kanagawa Japan

Well Hello!
So some big news...found out last night! I'm going to Sendai! Well, not just me, our whole mission is! Next Tuesday (so my P-day will be on that Monday, but that's not what's important)! I'm not exactly sure what we will be doing, but something service related I presume. Since we just found out about it the details are still sort of blurry, but I`m excited to be able to go and help the people of Sendai for a day (We'll head up there Monday night, drive through the night and then come home after a day, I believe). And the cool thing is it really will be our whole mission, because the last half of the Tokyo missionaries will be headed back up here this week at transfers! YAY! All together again! The amazing thing that's occured though is that even with only half of the missionaries back here in Tokyo, we've still been able to have the same amount of baptisms as we usually had when all the missionaries are here. This Sunday 20 baptisms are scheduled, how amazing is that! Really the miracles we've been seeing as people have been wanting to come unto Christ are indescribable. In Kobe we reached record numbers and here, with many of us having to start completely from scratch, we've been blessed to find so many new people to teach. When I started my mission, I had no idea what kind of experiences I would have here in Japan, and I still don't know what is to come, but I do know that I was supposed to be here when all of these things occured. If not to just spread hope and love to the people of Japan.

As promised here are some pictures-
Love you all!
Sister Erin Benne

Coming back to the Honbu (Mission Home) in Tokyo, there were signs and posters up everywhere ("Welcome Home", "We love you", "Japan Tokyo Missionaries"....)

Saiki Shimai overlooking our area on a rainy day.

Our zone: meeting on Mothers Day on top of the churchs roof

Me in my cuppa after a days hard work in the rain :)

Helping Hands: doing some volunteer work during a stake activity.

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