Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 3- Provo MTC

Konichiwa Kazoku!!!

Another week in, only what 8/9 more to go! Haha! The weeks go by so weirdly here...slow but so fast! It was crazy to think that if I was an English missionary I would be out in the field now! Japanese is going well, I'm picking up on it now, I think I had to just get how the language worked down before I could really concentrate on everything else. It's also helped having the Nihongin (japanese missionaries) here. They are so cute and so willing to help and be patient with us as we try talking to them in their native language. I'm sure we sound like little 5 year olds to them! One funny thing is that apparently my "accent" has carried over into japanese...The choro (elders) find my pronunciations of some words, especially "Wakarimasen" (I don't know) especially amusing. I honestly have no idea how I'm saying it sounds different from everyone else. I figure though, that I'll work first on getting the actual language down, and speaking it correctly, before i work on getting a Japanese accent.

One fun thing about the MTC is that I'm constantly running into friends from BYU. It's so fun to be walking around and hear "Erin! oh shoot....Sister Benne!" People like Kaplan Sanders and others I haven't seen in a long time and don't know I'm on a mission are especially fun.

Dad, I'm so sad you were out in Provo and I didn't get to see you! It was weird thinking, you were only probably a few blocks away! It sounds like you, Jon, and Kim all had a great time though! Thanks for bringing the camera cord with you and sending it! I tried uploading them and sending some to you, but it's proving difficult because of all the blocks they have on these computers and I didn't want to run out of time to write you, so i'll try again next time!
Other than that things have been pretty calm here! I've finally gotten into a routine which is really nice! One thing that is good about being here for a while is that you really get to know your district/ zone. I LOVE my district. I'm constantly amazed by the testimonies of the elders in my district and the love and kindness they show to us sisters. I'll admit being a sister here has it's perks.

I love being on the Lord's errand. For my scripture study, I've decided to go through and read the Book of Mormon and highlight any time in mentions Christ in any form. I don't think I've gotten to a page yet, where it hasn't in some way mentioned our Savior. It shows just how important and vital Christ is to our beliefs. I'm working to apply Christ's life more into mine.

I love you all so much!!!! Thank you for your letters, it's so good just to be hearing even the smallest things that are happening in your lives!

Erin / Benne Shimai

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