Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 4 - Provo, MTC

Ah so much has happened! It's crazy!

So this past week our sempai (the group ahead of us) got their flight plans, this includes the Nihongin missionaries as well (yes they do fly all the way out to the USA to go to the MTC here in provo, they used to have an MTc in Tokyo, but what i've heard and don't know if it's true is that they want the japanese missionaries to have experiences being close to where the prophet is). They leave in less than a week! Crazy!!!! That means my group of about 30 (which is huge for a group, the sempai have about 14 in theirs and the kohai coming in, there are only 7) we'll be the new sempai, know the most...weird to think since I still feel like I know so little. But i guess I have been here 1 month now!!! I can't believe it's been a month, I feel like I've been here forever, but than not that long at all!

I've also been called as the new coordinating sister! What that means is that I look after all the sisters in our zone, make sure they're doing okay, do all the introductions for the new sisters coming in, and go to resident hall meetings, district meetings, etc... I'm excited, but it's a lot more to be doing. We actually have a large group of sisters this time around, there are 7 of us in my group that came in and 2 or 3 more will be arriving! It'll be fun getting to know the other sisters, that aren't my companions/roommates better!

Also, I got my final shot this week (Hepatitis A take 2)! Blah! but i got a cool Tazmanian Devil bandaid for it that made it all okay!

What else has happened???? I always think of things I want to tell you throughout the week and then always forget, I need to start writing them down.

Oh least favorite thing about the MTC: 1. Not having pockets...that's a whole mission thing, but you don't realize how much you miss them until you don't have them. Don't take pockets for granted, yes I know, weird thing to say. 2. Making my bed...I've never liked making my bed and enjoy it even less when i have to make it on a top bunk! Still I prefer the top bunk over the bottom though. Favorite things about the MTC: 1. Everyone is so friendly, saying hi, how are you doing and just start chatting it up. 2. Hearing all the languages. 3. Being in a place where you learn so much!

So this is a bummer thing! On Sunday's we were allowed to go to the temple for a walk, just to get out of the MTC and chill, take pictures, cool off, and all. It was one of the highlights of my week, because you get to spend a WHOLE HOUR in the sun! It was fantastic!!!! Anyway, we don't get to do that anymore... :( !!!! My branch president thinks it's only temporary, but there's no guarantee. They canceled it because missionaries would have their family members or girlfriends/boyfriends meet them up there and I guess trash was left on the temple grounds (big uh-oh!). I'll admit I did see some missionaries meeting their families there over the past couple of weeks, but not very many at all. I know it's good, because it will help us be obedient, but it's just still a complete bummer that a few missionaries ruined it for 2,000 missionaries. Oh well, I'm here 2 more months, it's quite possible it will come back before I leave! (oh and we still get to go to the temple for sessions on PDAYS so that's still good)

Anyway writing time is almost up! If you have any specific questions just let me know! I'm try to be good at answering them!


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