Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 21 - Kichijoji, Japan

Well Hello Again!
How`s life? From everything it sounds great! Snowstorms, meeting celebrities, missionary firesides! So exciting! I love hearing everything that`s going on in your life and the random stories each of you have! Always so much fun!

So this week we had an earthquake!!!! So exciting! Actually it wasn`t really bad at all, I was just sitting at my desk, studying and then everything started moving, I didn`t realize what it was until Utsumi shimai was like EARTHQUAKE! Haha and then of course I got really excited and she made fun of me and then it was over...not very long, but still cool to feel. Since it was during language study I even learned the word for earthquake, `jishin`, perfect timing, however I think I would have learned the word even if it wasn`t during language study. Anyway I guess I shouldn`t be too happy about earthquakes, every now and then they cause a lot of damage here, so I need to be careful. However this one, as far as I know, you don`t get much outside information as a missionary, didn`t cause any damage.

Today we got to go to the temple again as well! YAY!! That`s why I`m emailing so late, but that`s always a good thing! It`s so nice to have 2 hours where you just can relax and feel the Spirit! The temple's cool, it incorporates Japan culture in the design and decoration!

Japanese is coming along, I still have days when I get really frustrated with what I can`t say, but I know I`m progressing each day, and that the Lord is definitely helping me, so I just need to go at the pace He wants me to be learning at. I can get around pretty well with what I know now, but still have a lot of difficulties when we talk about non church stuff or questions that don`t come up on a regular basis.

Utsumi Shimai as always is doing wonderful! She`s an amazing missionary and example. and so funny. I`ve noticed I`ve started picking up some of her mannerisms, she`s always making funny faces or jumps up and down and waves her arms when she`s excited or has an idea. I tell her everytime, you say Hi to her in a letter or email and so she thinks you all are so nice :)

Well that`s all from here for today!
Love you all so very much!
Thanks for everything!
Sister Erin Benne

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