Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 22 - Kichijoji, Japan

Okay, I know at this point your now looking at your calendar and wondering, wait what day is this? Haha, but yes you are correct it is Monday (or I guess Sunday) and yes it is Valentines Day! Now you may be wondering, oh does Erin get to write specially on holidays? and sadly the answer is "No", it just so happens that this lucky day you get to hear from me is Valentine's Day! So why am I writing on Monday and not Tuesday, well here's some exciting news for you! Tomorrow Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder Rasband are coming to Tokyo! YAY!!!

So tomorrow, my normal P-day, we have a mission conference where we will get to listen to them, maybe take a picture with them, shake their hands, who knows...they've told us to be prepared for anything, it all depends on what Elder Holland wants to do. It's going to be really good I think, a little scary though, I'm sure we'll learn a lot about what more we need to do! But more training to be a better missionary, especially by General Authorities, is an amazing opportunity. What's even more exciting is that night, Elder Holland is coming to Kichijoji to speak to the members! I told you Kichijoji is THE place to be! We're expecting people from all over Tokyo to be coming so our church has been a hubbub of craziness as we try to get everything ready, cleaning, setting up tons of chairs, and so on! It's a great opportunity for our investigators too! We've been inviting everyone! Everyone; people on the street, people in's a chance for them to hear a messenger from God, everyone should get the chance to hear it!
So that is in short why we are taking our P-Day today! Good reason isn't it?!

In other news, we have snow in Tokyo! Well sort of... It snowed a lot (all day Friday, and then it's been on and off since then) and if Kichijoji/ Suginami weren't all metal and asphalt it would have stuck (it's on the one or two bushes that you can find in Kichijoji!), just too many people walking around all the time, for it to even have a chance on the ground! I will say though that bike riding while it is snowing is absolutely miserable, so therefore from now on, until I get back, I don't like snow (as devastating as that is to say). However, I just put a smile on my face, sing a happy warm song, and pedal hard! So it's all good, and not too bad!

Also this past week, we had a 3 Zone Conference and I got to see Sister Adams and Sister Lynch!!!! We were the only English speaking sisters there! How lucky that it was us 3!!! It was funny we were talking so fast we definitely got a few, whoa! looks. Haha, it was good to see them!
Love you all!
Sister Erin Benne

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