Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 30 - Akashi, Japan

Well Hello!

So this week coming up we have transfers...the way they do transfers here is a little bit different htan in Tokyo. They`re on Thursday instead of Monday. So I find out tomorrow, what will be going on. I think it`s quite possible that I`ll head to a different area, but you never know and I`m not one to just sit and speculate, so we`ll see and I`ll let you know next week what the changes have been. Because of the earthquake and everything mixing up, transfers were pushed back a week so that this past one was 5 and the next one will be 5, to help divide this past transfer more evenly.

Anyway, life`s been good, we`re doing our best and working hard. This past week I called Koike san, the 82 year old investigator from Kichijoji, who wanted to get baptized on her birthday. Her birthday is this Saturday, the 23, and she`s still going through with it! When I talked to her, I was just so happy! Koike san`s faith is amazing, and I`ll admit that mine wavered a bit, wondering if she would still get baptized without the missionaries there, but she`s going to! Shame on me for even questioning that! I`m sad I`ll miss it, she`s way sad too, but the most important thing is that she`s taking the steps to come closer to Christ and she`s so excited to be too! Plus she said she would take pictures and send them to me. She`s so cute!

So it sounds like everyone is doing really well, getting ready to enjoy their summer!

Any other exciting things that has happened?

I love hearing from you all and am so thankful for all the support and love you give me! Getting your letters just brightens my day!
Love you all
Sister Erin Benne

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