Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 28 - Akashi, Japan

So this week has been interesting! Because of a leadership training going on down in Kobe for three days this past week that my companion and Weatherston shimai had to go to, I became a trainer to Ishiyama shimai for 3 days. Yikes! It was way difficult but it was good. Ishiyama shimai is still terrified to talk to people and although her Japanese is perfect, she still struggles (understandable it`s her first transfer). So for three days it was `ganbaru` for me (i don`t know how to describe ganbaru...gung-ho maybe, bring it on, who knows) as I had to step up and carry most of everything. It was good, I think I realized that `yeah, I can actually do this on my own without a senior companion`, but then when the 3 days were over, I was more than relieved to go back to my junior companion status. and I think I was really able to help Ishiyama shimai with a few things too. So that was good.

We also had the opportunity to go help out on a part-members farm this Saturday...yeah I`m definitely not in the city anymore... which was a lot of fun! I got to wear pants! which I haven`t since the MTC and it was nice to be doing some manual labor again, just a good feeling to be out in the sun working (well I guess we`re always out in the sun working but it`s a different kind of work). Have you started your garden yet dad? I guess it`s still a bit early right now itsn`t it... What do you think you`ll plant this year?

Things have quieted down here, there still is no news as to when we`ll be going back, only speculation, but with transfers coming up and our area president having been in SLC for General Conference there is no telling what could happen. What we do know, is that none of the missionaries that are in the MTC right now will be coming into Japan, and none will be leaving (since they all got sent home after the earthquake when they closed Sendai and Tokyo) Mostly what I hear right now is that the drinking water is the biggest problem in Tokyo for the time being. Bottled water is difficult to find and the tap water isn't that good. But I don`t know anything for sure. Sadly as missionaries, we don`t get to do too much to help out with the relief efforts, but members are doing so much. There have been food, clothes, etc., drives and many have gone up to Sendai for days at a time to help clean up.

So General Conference was good? Ah! I`m so excited! We have it this weekend up in Kobe (where are stake center is). And guess what Utsumi shimai's family should be there, so I`ll hopefully get to meet them! Cool!

Anyway time's basically up! I`ll try to send pictures next week, since today I don`t have enough time! Love you all

Sister Erin Benne

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