Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 27 - Akashi, Japan

Well Hello dear family!

Greetings, one week into the new area! Things are going well here, I`m slowly learning the area and getting to know people, and working my way around. My bike was shipped to me by my old Kichijoji and Suginami Ward members (Thank you to them!!! They are the best people ever, I love them so much!) this past week, so I finally have wheels! Really you can`t do missionary work without a bike here, it`s just much too hard to get around without one! And well I love my bike, so it made me the happiest person ever!

What else happened? Basically we`ve just been working hard, here in Akashi, we don`t have too many investigators, so we`ve been doing a lot of finding, okay by me. I`ve been in that position before, and I know if we work hard enough, the Lord will bless us and we`ll find people to teach. We`re allowed to still call our investigators in Tokyo, so that`s been good too, and I`ve been able to find out that the ward is really picking up where we left off, teaching Koike san, and Mashito san, Shimoyachi san and the others. That news made me so happy!

Anyway, I know I had a lot more to tell you all about things that have happened, I just can`t think of them right now.

Whenever I say I`m from Missouri to members they always ask if I`ve ever been there and if I have pictures, which I don`t, well I have one, but it`s just the steps of the Nauvoo Temple and nothing else! If anyone has any, please send!

Anyway I think that`s all!
Love you all so much!!
Sister Erin Benne

Oh and General Conference is next week!!! Whooo!!! It`s a week later for me than for you, because of the time difference and the whole having to translate it thing, but yeah, I`m excited and you should be too!!!
Oh and Happy Easter! I think it`s this week, but really am not sure!

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