Saturday, March 19, 2011

Letter from President McIntyre, Japan Kobe Mission

We are happy to inform you of the safe arrival of your missionary to the Japan Kobe Mission. 42 missionaries, including your daughter arrived in Kobe safely yesterday at about 6:00pm after a seven hour bus ride from Tokyo.

After a warm supper and an introductory meeting, the Elders were bedded down in the church. The Sisters were divided between the Mission Home and the Kobe Sisters apartment. All missionaries have now been assigned new companions and have transferred to their new areas. You should be hearing from them directly on Monday, March 21st which is their next preparation day. Before we sent them out to their new areas, Sister McIntyre and I had the chance to take a picture and I personally had a brief interview with each missionary.

Our family also maintains a mission blog at Please feel free to look at this. It is updated at least a couple times a month. You can find information about the mission and many pictures of the mission, missionaries and our family.

Please be assured your missionary is safe. We are hundreds of miles from the areas affected by the earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear power plants. We do not how long the Tokyo Mission will be closed nor do we know how things might be put back when the brethren feel it is safe and appropriate to do so. So for now we are excited to have welcomed these great missionaries from Tokyo into our mission here in Kobe.
Also note the mission home address is

4-6-28 Shinohara Honmachi
Nada Ku, Kobe Shi, 657-0067

You can begin sending mail to your missionary at this address immediately.

Again, we are delighted to have your missionary serving with us.


William A. McIntyre Rika I. McIntyre
President, Japan Kobe Mission Mission Mom

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