Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm Okay

Hey Everyone!

We"re allowed to just write you a quick email letting you know we're okay. Thanks for the quick emails and prayers. As you know, we had quite a shake here yesterday. My zone and 2 others were actually up in Nakano, where the mission home is located for Training. (this turned out to be a good thing because the hardest hit area in our mission, Chiba (where Sister Utsumi is) was at the training. You may have seen broadcast of an oil refinery on fire, that`s Chiba) The training had just finished when the earthquake hit. I`ve never felt anything like it. Because all of the trains were down, we had to stay the night at the mission home/church. There were many aftershocks throughout the rest of the day and through the night, and even I just felt one now as I`m writing this. However, all Tokyo missionaries are okay. There is still no word yet on the Sendai mission, the mission closest to the epicenter. There is no way of getting in contact with them as of now, due to the power being completely out. Please pray for the missionaries in Sendai as well as all the people in Japan. There`s a lot of damage, but maybe through this tragedy, good can come from it. 2 Nephi 2- for there must be opposition in all things so that we may know the good from the bad.

I love you all so much!
I`ll let you know more of what`s going on on Tuesday!

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