Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 42 - Fussa, Japan

Well Hello! Another week in, and SO much to tell you!
Where to start? Well, hmm, so this might be an all over email because there is so much to say.

But, last wednesday I had the amazing opportunity along with 7 other missionaries, members of the PBO, and President and Sister Albrecht to go to a Shinto Shrine, Meijingju Shrine, talk to leaders of the Shinto religion, talk about our experience in Tohoku, and cleaning up the jinja, the temple that we helped clean up, and about why we became missionaries and what we do. It was an amazing opportunity and huge step for the church here in Japan. Shinto is the government supported religion here, and the church has been working for years to build the relationship between our church and the Shinto religion. So to have them invite us to talk a little about our church and then also thank us for our efforts in Sendai is amazing, and for me to get to participate in that, so cool! It was awesome too because we got to learn more about Shintoism too. They took us around the shrine and we were able to participate and learn what they do there.

Then the next day, well we, Sister Derricott and I, had been asked by President to be in Kichijoji for pictures, what for we weren't sure, but because we were late getting out Wednesday night and our apartment was 2 hours away, we just ended up staying at the Kichijoji sisters apartment which was closer, without a change of clothes or anything (because we thought we would be going back Wed. night to Fussa. Sorry I'm explaining this very oddly but it's sort of complicated and I dont have time to make it sound fluid). So we're in Kichijoji, wearing the same clothes we had sweated in the day before (because yes it is very hot and humid here), not feeling too clean, but still head to the church for "pictures". Anyway turns out, this is way cool, they wanted to film us, for a video to put up on YouTube about volunteering in Sendai. So I got to be filmed for a youtube video!!! haha I think that"s the video I sent to you, but since this computer is having problems, we can't view it, but if I look gross and dirty, the reason you now know! It was way cool!

Other things: I love Fussa, it's so fun! Plus this is interesting, Sister Derricott's dad is actually really famous here in Japan. So streeting's interesting sometimes because people are like, Derricott...like Kent Derricott? Anyway way fun. And it's really funny because we're finding all these old videos and pamphletts that have her dad on them and usually her as a little kid in them too! Its great! Which may bring up the question if she's lived in Japan. She lived here until she was 7 and then her family moved back to the states, so no she'd basically forgotten all of her japanese when she was called to japan. That's okay though, shes doing great with japanese now!!!
Anyway those are some of the highlights of the week!

Love you all so much!!!
Sister Erin Benne

Erin can be seen at the 2:21 mark

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