Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 41 - Fussa, Japan


Well believe it or not, my 4th of July didn't include many 4th of July celebrations. We did have our 4th of July English Class party which was a hit; I wore a red skirt, white shirt, and blue sweater that day, so I looked so festive in my American colors too! And then a few days later I did see a family with 2 little kids playing with sparkles! Haha but that's about it. Mainly I spent my 4th of July moving. Yup, I got transfered again... What are we on now?

It turns out that because of the earthquake they were'nt calling to many people to Japan. Makes sense, but thats hitting us right now (all the people who would have received their calls in March/ April would be coming to the field around now) Anyway that's put us kind of low on Sisters out here, and we had 3 more leave for home yesterday. Because of that, they had to take sisters out of some area, and well because there are so many missionaries in the Honbu (mission home), they decided to pull the sisters out from there. Which means I had to go. It's hard leaving, putting all of our investigators into the elders hands, I know the elders are good, but with everything that is going on in the office right now (Tokyo is will be the first mission to have computers in every apartment as of July 26!!! I guess we're the test group! So the honbu elders are going crazy getting ready for that among other things), some things that Sister Laird and I have been working on are going to have to get dropped. But I trust the elders and know they'll do their best.

My new area though is Fussa! It's great, and guess what I have an English Branch (and a japanese ward too)!!!!! YEAH! It's so weird! There is an American Air Force base right next to the church, so that makes the number of americans in the area, way high! We're not allowed to proselyte on base, but we can work with the members for referrals from them! It's weird have to do missionary work in English. I called the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader last night, and had no idea what to say, kept fumbling over words. My companion Derricott Shimai was just keeling over laughing. And we went grocery shopping today...I had no idea what to do, there was American food and the grocery store was huge (well, the same size as they are in the US, but, huge compared to here), it's blowing my mind! But it should be fun. I feel so strongly that this is were I need to be, a connection I didn't feel as strong in Nakano, this just feels right.

Anyway my companion is Sister Derricott, and she's American too! Before unheard of in the Tokyo Mission and now I've had 2 American companions here! Crazy! She's on her 2nd transfer, so I'm a follow-up trainer, a little scary but it'll be good.
So that's what's going on in my life right now!

Love you all so much!!!!
Sister Erin Benne

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