Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 40 - Nakano, Japan

Well, hello!

How's it all going? Guess what? I`m back and alive!!! We were finally able to get back out and start working last Thursday, which was such a relief after being stuck in our apartment for a week! I think we literally went crazy with excitement getting back to working, because by Sunday and Monday, we were completely exhausted, but that's not a horrible thing, right? Haha, we'll rest up a little today. It's been fun though! And we've seen so many miracles occurring from this experience. We had 2 people come up to the church while I was sick and they both now have baptismal dates!! One's a flight attendant though, and with that works a lot on Sundays flying around. Part of the requirements to get baptized is that you have to go to church at least 2 times before you get baptized. Please pray for her that she'll be able to get off at least 2 Sundays before her baptismal date. She's working so hard to be able to!

This Wednesday for our English class, we`re having a 4th of July Party. It's the last day of the `semester` so we thought we would do something fun. and hey, add in a little American culture! It'll be a good time! We're making pies today for a pie eating contest, hehe!

Other than that, transfers are this huh? but I guess with transferring to Kichijoji and then Nakano and then having the chickenpox, this has been a little bit of a different transfer. Haha come to think of it, I haven't had a normal transfer since my 2nd one! I don't really bother thinking about transfers anymore, whatever happens, happens.

So Dad, you asked if we`re still feeling aftershocks, yeah, they`re still going on. Earthquakes have really just become a part of normal life. Luckily, while some have been bigger, from what I've heard, there hasn't been damage. But well, I guess I don`t hear too much.

Anyway that`s about it for today I think. I love you all so much!

Sister Erin Benne

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