Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pictures from Sendai

My companion...
Haha she`s crazy! Sister Laird, she`s from Idaho, this is her 9th transfer so she goes home in 2. Strange because she`s the last foreign sister to have come to Japan before my group, only 4 transfers ahead of me, so slightly scary, how quickly this goes by. But yeah, she`s the most energetic person ever, so she`s hated being inside these past few days. But yeah, its been way nice, because she likes being active and doing sports, so we actually excercise in the morning (japanese sisters NEVER like anything to do with sports, I don`t know why) She wants to be a theater teacher.
Its been way nice having an american as a companion. Its just so different from having a japanese companion. You love them and you have fun, but because of the limitations of the language, and just how japanese people are, they don`t share emotions very well at all, its just a completely different kind of relationship. It`s funny I feel like I have a me and then a Japanese me. And it`s nice to just be me again for a little bit. especially since we`ve been stuck in the apartment, to have a companion you can speak to without opening up a dictionary, that`s nice.

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  1. Thank you for posting these pictures. My son is currently serving in Tokyo as well (Elder Andrew Larson, currently in Kawasaki). He too had some very interesting pictures for Sendai and wrote about what a great experience it was to help the people there.

    Thank you for your service.