Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 44 - Fussa, Japan


Thank you all so much for all of the birthday wishes! I felt so special! I even got a few packages (which Sister Derricott unfortunately wouln't let me open until my actual birthday, boy, was that more dfficult than any other birthday!) Haha but it was way fun! My birthday, of course was on Sunday, so it was quite crazy, we were up at church from about 8am to 5pm, with different meetings, but so much fun and there were so many blessings! We had a new investigator come to church who is completely golden and then Ethel was there with her sons after just being baptized on Saturday! It was amazing the baptism. Because she speaks English better than Japanese and her son (who also got baptized) speaks Japanese only, plus members from both the english and japanese wards were coming we had the baptismal service in both english and japanese. One person would speak a sentence during their talk and then the translater would quickly translate it into the other language. It was crazy but way cool! What an amazing birthday present: being able to help someone come unto Christ.

Thank you Mom and Dad and everyone else for the book from members in the ward and friends. I couldn't think of anything more that I would have wanted! It made me so happy to hear from so many people that I love!

You might notice I'm writing a little later in the day today...for Pday today we went and hiked up Mt. Takao! It was absolutely gorgeous! And we got to see some cute monkeys!

Anyway that doesn't leave us with much time tonight. I love you all so much and thank you for all the birthday wishes!
Love you!
Sister Erin Benne

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