Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week 57 - Senzokuike, Japan

And Happy Halloween!!!
I think it still might be Halloween in good ol' America so technically I am not late! However, I am writing a little bit later than usual! What was everyone for Halloween this year? Beth said she would possible pull out her violin costume...anyone else? I was a witch. Which actually, surprisingly enough, I'm not sure if I ever was. I remember having a witch hat at our house though... No Japanese people don't really celebrate Halloween. I don't think they would find the same joy that we Americans do dressing up and eating candy. But luckily I teach an English class, where we can always have fun with American traditions, and I have an English branch that I work with, so we had both an English class Halloween Party and a branch Halloween activity. The branch party was way fun. We missionaries were in charge of a room and so we picked the activity where you put things like pasta, grapes, hotdogs, etc, into different boxes and without looking you guess what "zombie part" it is. Anyway we rigged one of the boxes so that Sister Mano could hide under the table, put one of her hands through the bottom of the box and when someone reached in she would grab them. Yeah we had a fun time scaring people! That was fun, good old Halloween!
And now we're in November, strange...
Other than that things have been low key here. For the past couple weeks we've been really busy. A lot of activities going on and things to plan for, but with this past Sunday it all died down. It'll be good to get back to the basics this week.
So the CARDS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I can't believe I missed it. Oh well, that just means they will have to win again next year! YES go CARDS!
So Beth you asked if since I've been in Senzokuike for longer than any other place, am I getting restless. Haha yeah, I'll admit, I think I got used to things changing so often that I'm ready for something to happen to mix things up. However, I love actually being able to see things through all the way to the end instead of always just planning and then leaving. It's been a blessing. And with transfers coming up, I still would prefer to stay in Senzokuike rather than head out. I'm actually getting a chance to really get to know the ward members, I love it!
Anyway I love you all! Hope everyone has a good week!
Sister Erin Benne

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