Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 6- Provo MTC

I LOVE P-DAY when I get to email to you all!!!
Exciting letter I recieved today, was from my mission president in Tokyo!!!! I'm not sure exactly what it said, because it's easier to just print things off and read them later, but glancing over it I know it talks about some of my first few days and how they'll be in Tokyo!!! AHHH i'm so excited to be going!!! Still a month though so I'm trying not to get to excited!

This week has been really good! It started off amazingly with Elder Scott coming to Devotional last Tuesday! I've never thought of Elder Scott being a powerful speaker, but he was last week! He talked about the Spirit and gave us a whole list of things that he's learned about the Spirit throughout his life. Imagine gaining insight on what an apostle has learned about the Spirit throughout his whole life!!!!! He even printed off the list and made copies for each missionary. Oh how I wish I could send you each one, but they won't let us make copies of it here. I've heard the reason is because he told them that it was something ment specifically for missionaries and we should keep it special! During his talk he also spoke specifaically to the sisters and gave us a couple aposilistic blessings. One of safety, another of learning the language, another of remembering what we've learned as a missionary throughout our lives. He told us that we have to watch our health, made us promise in fact, that we would not look at the elders and try to push ourselves to the extent of doing all that they do, because our bodies take a mission in a completely different way. It was just so amazing and powerful!!! I know that we have apostles on Earth today and only a man filled with so much of the Spirit and ordained of God, can talk in the way Richard G. Scott did that night.

So I taught my first lesson in Japanese last Thursday!!! It went really well! I can't believe I actually know as much Japanese as I do. I still have so much more to learn, but I know the Lord is with me, and the blessing Elder Scott gave us is working inside of me. Somehow I remember things that I don't even really remember learning. We're working so hard as a companionship to keep continuing on in the language and to strive to be the best that we can as missionaries. Giving all we can to the Lord, because now we're on His time, not ours.

Oh so we get new kohai this week!!! YAY! There's only 7 in the incoming group, which is VERY small but I'm excited nonetheless. There will be one sister coming in who's from New Zealand. She'll be a solo sister (not have a companion in her district) so I'll just have to keep a watch on her to make sure she's doing okay. AHHH it will be so much fun to have a new group! And I'll be a senpai...so weird (just means I'm in the older group).

It was so weird being here on Halloween, knowing everyone else was out, and knowing if I wasn't here I would be going to Halloween parties, but I'm sure I have the better end of the deal right now! As a companionship we did have our own little celebration. For MDT (missionary directed time) We each wore Halloween socks and brought candy for our district to share, it was fun and we were still able to be really productive that night, so it didnt' take away from what we were supposed to be doing!

I love you all so much and am constantly praying for you!!!!
Sister Erin Benne

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