Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 9- Provo MTC

Well Hello!!!

How's it going??? This week's been good! Yesterday we got a new set of Nihonjin!!!! These are my Nihonjin...so guess what that means? I'm leaving in 3 weeks!!!! It's so exciting and this time, different from last time I feel like I can actually talk and understand them in Japanese, definitely a good thing! A total of 11 came in from Japan and the crazy thing is that 8 of them are Sisters! Yes 8 and only 3 elders!!!! How crazy cool is that! It doubles our numbers as sisters in our zone! Alll of us sisters are just bouncing off the wall because of it! I get to go through the whole orientation thing again this week with them too! It should be fun testing my Japanese (of course we will have a translator there for use if needed too!)

Speaking of time coming close to leaving... YES!!!!! I do get to call home when I'm in the airport! I don't really know the logistics of it yet and won't until I recieve my flight plans, but yes I do know I'm able to call while in the airport and also when I arrive in Japan! My guess is that at least the one in Japan won't be more than 5 minutes and the one in the airport probably not much longer than that, but I really don't know. Oh and the date for my leaving, currently is December 6! So exciting!

So this past week Elder Bednar came and spoke to us!!! Can you imagine our luck?? 4 Apostles in a row??? They say it's apostle season here at the MTC, because it's getting close to the holidays, so they're all coming home! I do know for sure that there is not going to be one tonight though. Elder Bednar talked about really focusing on the doctrine, not the application of the doctrine. Because when we are teaching doctrine, it teaches the members/ investigators to search/ learn/ and find things out for themselves. It's also the fundamentals of our religion, so if we're working to follow the teachings of Christ, the applications of loving, home teaching. etc, should all just fall into place.

This Sunday I gave my first talk in Japanese! It was on prophets! How they do talks here, is everyone is supposed to write a talk on a topic in Japanese throughout the week and then on Sunday they choose who will be giving it. So you don't know if you're talking until they announce it in Sacrament Meeting. The idea is that by the time everyone leaves the MTC, they'll have 10 talks prepared that they can use in the field. Kind of a good idea I think. Anyway it went pretty well! Luckily I was prepared so it wasn't too bad at all!

My classroom is on the 5th floor so we have a nice view of everything, and it faces BYU/ your airport. So every now and then I catch a plane flying into/out of the provo airport and I'm always like, I wonder if that one was just Jon! So maybe, just maybe I've seen you flying over these past weeks!

Also I finally met 2 missionaries going to STL!!!! Spanish speaking, but I was still excited!

Sister Erin Benne

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