Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 16 - Kichijoji, Japan


Another week down, and can you believe it, transfers are this week! My first transfers.... oooohhh :) haha we know something will be changing here with the sisters in Kichijoji, this is Togami shimai`s last week in the Tokyo mission, so something has to happen... You never know but what we`re thinking is that they`ll take the sisters in this area back down to two (no new sisters are coming to Tokyo from the MTC this transfer and 2 are leaving, so since this is the only area with 4 sisters, it seems the most likely). My guess then is Sister Utsumi and I will be staying and Gantomur shimai will be transferred, but you never know where the Lord wants you to be, so we will see come Saturday morning.

Life`s been good here, we`re still struggling to find investigators (we teach a few lessons, but as for progressing investigators, we`re struggling with), but we`ve been working harder than ever so we know we just need to be patient upon the Lord, the time will come, when we will find people who want to listen and will progress. Utsumi shimai and I know we`ve been sent here for a reason.

In other news guess where I went this past week, none other than Jonathan`s! I`d totally forgotten about the place, but we pulled up there with a less active family, and I was like `whoa` I know this place... how? of course it hit me, from the gravy mug from Uncle Rich...hahaha it was fun! So Jon, I saw the restaurant that was `named` after you!

Anyway not much time to write today, we have 2 lessons in 30 minutes!
Love you all so much!

Sister Erin Benne

Oh and I made mochi this week...mochi is mashed up rice that Nihonjin love and I don`t know why...basically you take a giant (size of an ax) mallet and pound hot rice until it:s all sticky and not rice like...however it doesn`t taste like rice at all. I have discovered though that fresh mochi is better than not fresh :)

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