Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 19 - Kichijoji, Japan

Whew!! Let me just start off by saying this has been a week of miracles!!!! It`s been amazing! As you know, we are now in two areas, so we knew things were bound to get a little bit more crazy, but what we didn`t realize was how much we would be blessed this week for our hard work this past transfer. I`ve talked about how we`ve been struggling to have progressing investigators in the Kichijoji area, how we spent most of our time finding, visiting members, and having mogi (practice) lessons with them. Well this past week, in Kichijoji alone, we tripled the number of lessons we`ve been teaching and now have 4 investigators who are really taking a hold of the gospel, it`s been amazing to see! One of them who has become one of my favorite people here in Japan, is Megumi san. She started taking the lessons in 2009, had 2 baptismal dates, both of which were cancelled and then stopped taking the lessons, but still would come to church every now and then. Missionaries continued to talk to her at church, but she would always say she was too busy to have lessons. When we arrived in Kichijoji, it was the same. We met her two weeks in when she came to church, and while we tried to set up a lesson, she again said no, but from that week on came to church every week, while I couldn`t say much to her in Japanese, I still tried my best to get to know her. She`s great! This past Sunday, she stayed for all 3 hours of church (she usually left after Sunday School) which was the first miracle we saw in her. And then Wednesday she came to our Eikaiwa class (english class). One thing about Eikaiwa is that it`s free, but you have to take a 30 minute introduction lesson (usually we show a 10 minute video about the church and then ask them what they like about it). So since Megumi san came to Eikaiwa, we got to set up an appointment to teach her! (Megumi san Miracle #2). Then Thursday she called us and asked if I could help her write a thank you letter in English. (Miracle #3) Keep in mind, for the past year, the only contact people had with Megumi san was on Sundays, so at this point seeing her twice during the week was huge! But that`s not all! On Saturday, we had our lesson with her (Miracle #4), and it went so well! Since she`s been coming to church, she knows a lot, so we just worked on filling in the gaps. During this time, we were also able to set up a second appointment! (Miracle #5) Then on Sunday night, after having been at church, Megumi san gave us another call! This time just to tell us some good news that she wanted to share with someone! (Miracle #6) It`s been amazing to see all that has happened wiht Megumi san in just one week! Last Tuesday, we had little hope of even talking to Megumi san outside of church, and now so much has changed! I love her so much and know that the growth she`s made this past week can only come through feeling the love of God.

Many other miracles have taken place this past week, we`ve found people to teach while streeting, from eikaiwa classes, from the area many different ways it`s mindblowing to me! I know the Lord is blessing us for the hard work we put in last transfer, however, I never expected Him to bless us so much! I`ve learned patience on the Lord, is key, in His time all things will come to pass, how He wants them to come to pass. Just wait and rely on Him to guide you! Not just missionaries see miracles, they`re available to all of God`s children, you just need to look for them in your own lives. Pray to have them, pray to see them and believe me, miracles you will see.

Hope you are coping with all the snow well in Missouri!! Luckily, while the temperature is freezing here, we`ve been able to avoid snow (although there was sleet last night)! And while I love snow, LOVE snow, I don`t have too much interest in having to bike ride through it, for now the cold is enough for me!

Thanks for all the updates!
Love you all very much!
Sister Erin Benne

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