Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 17 - Kichijoji, Japan

Kichijoji! Haha! Did I fool you, probably not... Yeah so my first transfers was exciting...and still is. There`s a lot of changes that have taken place, so let me see if I can explain. As known Togami shimai went home and as expected Gantomur shimai was transfered. This means that Utsumi shimai are now over two areas, Kichijoji and Suginami! Because of this we've spent the past few days packing, cleaning, meeting Suginami investigators, finding out important information about Suginami ward, and so on. It`s been a crazy past few days, but really good. With this it means there are only now 2 of us in our apartment, which I`ll admit is really nice. The apartment we`re in definitely was not meant for 4 people, there`s actually room to move around now. It is a lot quieter though, which is kind of sad, I`ll definitely miss Gantomur shimai and Togami shimai!

So how transfers work. Friday night we get a call saying if any of us are leaving, they don`t tell us who, or where they`ll be going, just if somebody will be leaving. Then Saturday morning the AP's or President Albrecht will call and let you know who's getting transferred, where they're going, and new companions. It's kind of a suspenseful game I think they play on us! Haha, then on Monday, all the transferring sisters in the Tokyo Mission meet in one city and the elders meet in another. The area the sisters meet in just so happens to be Kichijoji! So I got to go to see all the transfering sisters (we have the church keys) Anyway we all eat lunch together and then go on our way and continue in the work. It`s an exciting, but sad time!

Utsumi shimai and I have a lot to still do because of the transfers, with the areas going from 4 sisters to 2, there are a lot of changes to be made to our apartment, the Suginami and Kichijoji folders, meeting people. It`s fun though and because I love organizing things, I'm having a blast! In the mean time we've still been keeping up with teaching lessons and finding. The feeling I have at the end of each day is so rewarding! I love it!

So I think someone asked where we email from. So amazingly, we email from the church! Yeah nice huh! The church here is big, 3 stories (only two wards meet here though) and in it they have a whole room of computers that we're allowed to use. If the church didnt have computers, I don`t know how we would be able to email, we`re not allowed to use internet cafes, and I don`t know of anyplace yeah we`re really lucky!
So I thought I would send some pictures today!

1. New Years Day, the sunrise from the top of the church building

2. Me on top of the Church building, overlooking Kichijoji, I ran to church that morning for my morning excercise...hence the get-up. Seiyu is the Japanese Walmart, like literally owned by Walmart. It`s where we do all of our grocery shopping.

3. The Tokyo Temple!

4. I saw Sister Lynch at the temple!!!!! Best thing ever!

5. Eating the mochi we made at the ward activity. Yeah I`m basically a pro at chopsticks!

6. Making mochi!

7. My district: Kunitachi!

8. At a members families house for dinner! The Seito family, along with a few other members, including Miki shimai, who reminds me a lot of Beth! I love this family!!! They are so good to us missionaries, and always help us in so many ways!!!!

Anyway bye for now!
Love you all!
Sister Erin Benne

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