Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 52 - Senzokuike, Japan

SOOOOOOOOO, transfers..... for once I'm staying! Halleighlujah (sp?)! Yeah I'm way excited, I'll actually be in an area for 2 transfers for once! and actually well, I'm basically now guaranteed 3! They've started a new training program for new missionaries, which includes a 2 transfer program, so when you train, you're supposed to be with them for 2 transfers (of course there are some exceptions). Oh yeah, which by the way, I'm training this coming transfer. :) The new missionaries come in tomorrow night, and we meet them on Wednesday. We find out who our next companion is then. Yamada Shimai is also going to be training. She's excited, but sad to be leaving Senzokuike. She only has 2 transfers left, so she was hoping it would be her last area. However, she's whitewashing into a good area. There are 5 Japanese sisters and 1 American sister (who is actually full japanese, but has lived in America her whole life) coming in. So we'll see. I'm excited.
In other interesting news...we had a typhoon here in Japan. Usually in Tokyo they're not too bad, basically, like when a hurricane comes through Missouri, so we just put on our rain gear and still head out. But this past week, the center came right through Nagoya and Tokyo, so we had to stay inside. It was crazy, the wind insane, and we found out there is actually some sort of hole in the wall of our apartment, that when a typhoon that strong comes through water seeps in. So we had a mini flood going on... Really it wasn't bad at all, we just stuck a few towels there and it was okay.
Dad you talked about General Conference coming up this week! I can't believe it's already that time of the year! I'm so excited. It takes a week for translation into Japanese, so here in Japan we'll actually watch it the 8th and 9th. It's going to be way good!
And yeah, even when it starts to get cold we'll be on our bikes. We can use trains if we want, but really if you are traveling within the area, bikes are usually faster and trains get expensive when you go from place to place as much as we do. But it's good, you just pack on layers and I still have plenty of handwarmers from last winter that it's not too bad. I'm just happy it's cooling down now. Its such a relief.

Anyway, I love you all so much!
Hope you have a good week!
Sister Erin Benne

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